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Week of Prayer
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Our week of prayer for children includes topics that will help them trust the Bible, see their need of Jesus, experience salvation and the new birth, and rejoice at God's plan for their future. This five day program can also be used for a VBS (Vacation Bible School) program.

Week of Prayer - Digital Felt Slideshows:
These animated Bible story graphics allow a teacher or parent to easily click through the pre-made slideshows while teaching a class or giving a Bible study.

The beautifully realistic images used in these slideshows will illustrate the lessons and enhance the learning of children of all ages.  The slideshows require no outside software as they each contain a built-in slideshow player.  Two versions are included: one for the PC and one for the Macintosh.  Teacher's notes are included that explain the slides in the presentations.

Teachers find that children really like to watch the scenes forming and changing as items appear, move, and disappear on the screen to illustrate the precious truths of Scripture.

Program Helps Included:
-Digital Felt Slideshows & notes
-Nature discoveries
-Reinforcement activities
-Memory verse activities
-Commitment cards
-Coloring pictures
-Songs & crafts

Week of Prayer Program, 5 Topics Included:
- Daniel 2 -Trust the Bible
- Second Coming of Jesus
- Salvation Through Jesus
- Baptism into New Life
- Heaven is for Real

Copyright Note: The grapics included on this CD may be installed on up to 2 computers and used in Presentation Software only.  Duplication or distribution of these graphics in ANY form, including presentations, is prohibited and a violation of Exodus 20:15.  To obtain the right to use or distribute these graphics in Print, Internet, Video, TV, or other use, please contact us.

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