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Bible Truth Coloring Book
Price: $5.95
The 48 beautiful coloring pages in this book are designed to correspond with an evangelistic series.

Use these Bible Truth coloring pages as a part of a family worship program, church school Bible class, vacation Bible school, evangelistic series, or as a gift for a special child.

We find these pictures fill an important roll as a pre-session or craft activity for the children who attend our programs. They are an excellent tool for evangelism overseas when you want the children to take home a picture with a message of Bible Truth.

These 48 beautiful coloring pages include the following: Stars Fall From Heaven, Boy Daniel Learns to Trust, Jesus' Second Coming, Three Hebrews in Fiery Furnace, John the Revelator on Patmos, Revelation's Three Angels, Shepherds Worship Baby Jesus, Moses Recieves the Ten Commandments, Jesus Studies About Two Horns, Jesus' Work in Heaven, Revelation's Pure Woman, Joy in Heaven, Pilgrims Land in the New Land, The Bible Reveals Jesus' Seal, Philip Baptizes the Ethiopian Eunuch, and much more.

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