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Health Expo for Children
Price: $129.95
Health Expo program with the "Passport to Health" booklet and "Keys to Health" craft book are a successful way to use the right arm of the gospel. You probably already know that Jesus spent more time meeting and healing the people than in giving sermons. This health Expo program for children is also fun and educational for adults in your community.

Bring the children for an excellent educational opportunity to learn how to achieve the full possibilities of health and happiness. Each child will not only visit 9 interactive health stations, but also design their own "Keys to Health" craft book and complete a fun "Passport to Health" booklet. They will discover how they can be ten times wiser by following the personalized suggestions of the their health instructor. This product is available via download so that you can print the crafts and booklets yourself, but these are also available for purchase from Feeding His Lambs Ministries. Also included in the download are all the information, handouts, setup ideas, shopping lists, etc. All the information you need to setup and run a Health Expo.

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