Children's Ministry

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have an outline that explains the Bible story and what “doctrine” it teaches?

A: A brief outline is included in our training manual. You can download a free “read-only” copy or you can order this manual.

For much more help in using Bible stories to teach Bible doctrines, see the sample program or watch our store for when you can buy access to all the children’s evangelistic programs.

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Q: Where can I get the Scripture songs with slides that you use?

A: We originally made the slides with the pictures and words for our own use and therefore some of the pictures are from copyrighted sources which we cannot pass on to others. We plan to re-make the slides with our own collection of pictures as funds are available for this project. Check back here for when they are available.
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Q: Do the crafts come with a page of explanation?

A: We have found that the best explanation for how to make the crafts is seeing it. So the teacher's book that you purchase is a completed craft book with colored pages and each thing glued on and/or assembled in the proper way and place. There is no additional page of explanation.
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Q: Can we download a sample of the "Bible" Book Crafts?

A: You can download a printable page that shows a few excerpts from the "Bible" Book Craft set and includes a list of the Bible subjects which the crafts reinforce.
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Q: Are the "Bible" Book crafts a coloring exercise with crayons or pens?

A: Each craft page comes with a black and white outline picture printed on it (like a coloring book picture). We recommend that children color the picture with crayons or colored pencils. Pens are not ideal. Then each page comes with things for the child to glue on or assemble onto the page.
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Q: What version of the Bible do you use in teaching children?

A: Personally, in our work with children, we use the King James Version of the Bible.

1) It reaches across the broad spectrum of Christian denominations and provides neutral ground for presenting truth.

2) It is excellent for memorizing Scripture, helping children hide God’s Word in their hearts that they might not sin against Him. Psalm 119:11.

3) The Scriptures songs we teach the children are in the King James Version. When the children memorize a verse and then sing the exact same words to song, it’s double reinforcement!

4) Teachers who copy Christ's model of teaching find that children from all backgrounds of life do not have difficulty understanding the King James Version.
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Q: Do you have books to buy?

A: Yes! We have a training manual which gives the parents or teacher practical help for how to teach children the Bible, how to make a practical application of the Bible to the child’s life, how to use nature to lead children to the Bible, and much more. Books for children? We have crafts books that they make themselves. We have coloring books and a new line of small reading books called "Little Lamb's Milk."