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Reaching Children for Christ
Experience the joy of reaching children for Christ with the transforming power of God’s Word and works. Do you want to see it? Do you want to hear it? Really how does it work?

A Video Experience

(A video will be in this location soon.)

A Word Picture Experience

Come with us to the General Conference where we held the NET05 Children’s evangelistic program.

Pastor Doug Batchelor is presenting the message on the “Millennium” in the main auditorium. The children, ages 3–12, are learning about the Bible’s 1000 years, too. Stand with me for a few minutes and we’ll observe what’s happening.

“Where have you gone on vacation?” Lisa begins. The children tell about their favorite vacations and Lisa shows them pictures of some of her vacations. “The devil is also going to have a vacation for 1000 years. We’ll learn about it from our Bible’s tonight.”

You spot a young boy with dark wavy hair. A gold cross hangs around his neck. That’s Mike. He leans forward, positioning himself so he can see the ever changing felt scenes illustrating the Bible message. “What keeps the children so quiet and absorbed in the messages?” you think. “I'll watch what the teacher does.”

Lisa looks straight into the children’s eyes. “Are there any people alive on the earth during the 1000 years?” she asks. “How do we know the answer?”

You hear more than 60 children chorus the response: “It’s in the Bible!” Each child quickly reaches for their Bible.

“Find the answer in Revelation chapter 20” Lisa explains. Quickly they turn to the verse. After finding texts now for 15 nights, they really know their Bibles. “Ready? Read it with me.”

In unison the entire class reads the Scripture verse.

“Now then, are there any people left alive?”

“No!” the children answer.

At the end of the Bible message, you see each child receiving a little card and pencil. What that? you wonder. Your question is answered as Lisa explains the card to the children.

“On this little card, you can tell Jesus your decision tonight.” Silence settles on the room and you can almost feel the Holy Spirit speaking to the children’s tender hearts.

Next the children gather around tables to make their special “Bible Book” crafts. You stand close enough to hear one of the teacher assistants discussing with the children what is means to be ready to be inside the city with Jesus.

After the program, you are mingling with the people when a persuasive voice catches your attention. Sounds like an evangelist, you think to yourself. Maybe it is Pastor Doug? Looking down the hall, you spot Mike. His father is standing there, too, fully absorbed in his son’s vivid, Biblical description of the millennium, the same topic that Pastor Doug just finished preaching. “And look here, Daddy,” Mike points to the chains he glued on Satan on his Bible book page.

Before your very eyes you have just seen the lips of children “opened to proclaim the mysteries [from the books of Daniel & Revelation], that have been hidden from the minds of men”. A repeat, in minature, of the time when Jesus said: "Yea; have ye never read, Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise?" Matthew 21:16